A Brighter Future for Children Born with Obstetric Brachial Plexus

little girl in sunglasses laying on a towel smilingBoard-certified surgeon and brachial plexus specialist Dr. Rahul Nath developed the Nath Method of Treatment for brachial plexus injury to give children like yours the care and treatment they deserve. Contact us to learn more about how brachial plexus treatment can help your child or sign up for an outreach clinic near you.

Brachial Plexus Injury Overview

Brachial plexus injury refers to birth injuries that affect the network of nerves around the neck and shoulder, which about one in every 1,000 newborns experiences. Injury occurring to only the upper nerve is known as Erb’s palsy, and injuries involving multiple nerves are considered more severe. Due to the nerve damage, the child will experience weakness and lack of motion.

How Brachial Plexus Injury Develops

Injury to the brachial plexus is often the result of the infant’s neck being stretched or turned to the side during a difficult delivery. The brachial plexus is derived from 5 “roots” or spinal nerves that exit the spinal cord in the neck. Depending on how many nerves were affected, and whether the nerve was stretched or torn, there are different grades of severity.

Diagnosis of Brachial Plexus

Patients can be evaluated for this condition through telemedicine, at an outreach event at a city near you, or at our office in Houston, TX. This evaluation can determine which nerves and vertebrae are affected in order to classify your child’s injury and advise on the best course of treatment. In brachial plexus injuries, the arm is often bent involuntarily at the elbow. Dr. Nath will also assess the child’s range of motion and look for symptoms such as weakness in one arm, decreased grip strength, numbness, impaired muscle development, and any signs of paralysis in the arm.

Surgical Treatment of Brachial Plexus

Microsurgical techniques developed in the 1970s have made the successful surgical treatment of brachial plexus injuries possible. The Nath Method of Treatment for brachial plexus injuries in the newborn has arisen out of Dr. Nath’s 22 years of experience in the condition, involving several thousand people. Reconstructive surgery may involve operating on the nerves, tendons, muscles, and skin during the operation to achieve improved function and growth. Our physical therapy team provides state-of-the-art care programs to accompany post-surgical and non-surgical treatments.

To learn more about how The Nath Method of Treatment for brachial plexus injury can help your child, call our office at 713-592-9900, or use our contact form.